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  • Jacobs Family
    "Azarian is a wonderful gym.  The coaches and management are so caring and you have a really great program.  I know that in a business quality flows from the top down.  My compliments to you for setting high standard for Azarian."
    Jacobs Family
    Parent Member
  • A. Sayers
    "It’s a great way to burn energy, instill discipline, and teach social skills.  Well worth the monthly tuition."
    A. Sayers
    Parent Member
  • S. Patcha
    "A lot of thought is put into growing and learning new techniques.  Progression is seen every week."
    S. Patcha
    Parent Member
  • S. Beasley
    "Not only does my daughter love going to gymnastics, she has fun learning new things."
    S. Beasley
    Parent Member
  • M. Silverman
    "My child is more adventurous, and has better balance and self-esteem in athletics.  I love the organization of the program.  The staff is excellent.  The whole thing just seems like a well-oiled machine to me."
    M. Silverman
    Parent Member
  • J. Velasquez
    My daughter learns something new each week and really loves to practice new skills at home.  I feel that this class is as important as preschool for her.
    J. Velasquez
    Parent Member

About Azarian Gymnastics


Let us introduce you to the gifted, caring, and highly-qualified staff at Azarian.

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Training Facilities

Take a look at our state-of-the-art Facilities.

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Learn about our Teams, including the Azarian Gymnastics Girls Team.

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The name Azarian is synonymous with excellence in the history of gymnastics. Learn about how it all started and how we've grown.

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Azarian Team Cup

Soka University will be the site for the 2016 Azarian Team Cup.

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