Summer Camp 2019

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    AZARIAN GYMNASTICS Summer Camp 2019

    NOTE: If you would like to attend multiple camp weeks with different camp types, please fill out an additional form.

    1. Select Camp Week :

    2. Select Camp Type :

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    Student Drop Off & Pick Up Information :

    • For your child's safety, you must accompany your child into the building to sign in and sign out every day.
    • Check-in is between 8:45-9:00am. Pick up us between 2:45-3:00pm. If your child is picked up later than 3pm, you will be charged $10 for every 10 minutes.

    Some Camp Info & Policies :

    • Campers ages are set between 4-10 years old. If your child is 3.5 years old and wants to come they may as long as they are fully potty trained and currently enrolled in independent classes here at the gym. We request that 3.5 year olds start off at half day.
    • Payment is due in full upon registering. Rescheduling is not a problem. Cancellations must be made at least a week in advanced for full refund.
      (No refunds given for cancellations if they are not a week in advance. NO EXCEPTIONS)
    • Every Tuesday the campers will be going swimming. If you do not wish for your child to go swimming, please state so on the permission slip and we will keep them out of the pool and by an instructor.
    • Full day campers please bring a sack lunch every day except for Friday. Every Friday is Pizza Party Day! If you would not like your child to eat pizza, please pack them a lunch on that day as well. We also have the option to order Chick-Fil-A lunch. Please ask for more information. We provide a snack every day, please pack a water bottle for your child or send them with money to purchase one from the vending machine.
    • For children with severe food allergies we ask that you bring your own lunch and snacks
    • There is a $10 sibling discount that will apply when you register and pay.

    Please list any/all limitations (physical, mental, social, medications, etc.) that would affect your child's participation at camp :

    Sibling Discount: $
    Total Amount Due: $

    Payment: Please select one

    Camp Consent

    I authorize Azarian Gymnastics or its authorized agent to consent to any medical treatment and/or hospital, which is
    given to the child, listed on this form,under the supervision of a duly licensed physician or trained medical
    personnel. Also, unless otherwise stated, I understand that my child will be participating in a gymnastics related
    activity at Azarian Gymnastics. I understand that as with all physical activities, there is a chance for injury. I
    therefore hold Azarian Gymnastics; its employees and its officers harmless should any injury occur. Azarian US Gymnastics, Inc.
    does not provide care and well-being and will respectfully decline to complete your FSA form requesting out tax ID,
    nor will it provide a filled out W-10 upon request.

    By signing below, you agree to the terms in the consent above


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